Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing Services

Very few concrete cutting companies in Central FL own or operate the concrete wire saw. This new technology was developed in the stone quarry industry. American Eagle Concrete Services owns and operates both the hydraulic and electric version of the wire saw. Both are controlled remotely for safety.

This equipment uses a complex system of pulleys and a drive motor to spin a diamond beaded wire around the object to be cut. Basically, if you can wrap a wire around it, you can cut it with the wire saw. It can cut through large sections of concrete and steel with ease.

Using multiple pulleys allows the wire to cut any thickness at any angle. The ideal applications include structures that are too thick or too large for conventional cutting means, tight areas, and submerged locations. Other examples include concrete walls thicker than thirty inches that require openings, piers submerged in water, large machine and crane pads, large concrete structures such as foundations, bridges and equipment pads.

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  • Allows for mass concrete removal without breakage while minimizing damage to structure
  • Quieter Concrete Cutting
  • Confined Space Wire Sawing
  • Leaves a Smooth Cutting Surface
  • Cuts through heavy rebar & embedded steel
  • No Vibrations

Additional Services Offered

American Eagle Concrete Services offers a wide variety of specialty concrete services. Take a look at our additional services below. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with even the most complex projects.