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Slab sawing also called flat sawing uses a blade that is mounted vertically on a saw that the operator usually walks behind. Slab saws are typically used to cut on flat slabs of concrete or asphalt. Slab saws can also be used to plunge cut into walls. Slab sawing can eliminate the dust and vibration that comes with breaking up concrete, and can allow larger clean pieces to be cut, instead of irregular shaped pieces that are created by using a breaker. Common applications for slab saws include, but are not limited to:

  • Removing large sections of factory or warehouse flooring, while still leaving a clean, straight opening
  • Cutting trenches in concrete slab to run electrical, water, or data lines
  • Sawing for cleaner and easier removal of patios, driveways, basement floors, etc.
  • Sawing highway and bridge deck
  • Plunge cutting into barrier walls on bridges to facilitate removal  

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